How to Buy IOTA Cryptocurrency

How to Buy IOTA Cryptocurrency

IOTA cryptocurrency has become huge in the last couple of years and at the time of writing, it ranked amongst the top 10 in the market. But have you thought how to buy IOTA cryptocurrency? Some of the popular cryptocurrencies can be a bit hard to obtain, but that is not the case with IOTA. It is readily available on almost all the popular exchanges. You don’t have to buy one currency and exchange it to get IOTA, as it is directly purchasable.

How to Buy IOTA Cryptocurrency

Some of the exchanges are even offering special deals on its purchase, which is also something to look out for. However, just like all cryptocurrency exchanges, there will be some region restrictions. Some exchanges operate in certain regions and don’t sell out of them, but thankfully, IOTA is available at exchanges in almost every region of the globe. Some of the biggest examples have been outlined below.


Binance is slowly becoming the go-to destination for all cryptocurrencies, so it comes as no surprise that it’s offering IOTA as well. If you have access to Binance, then you can easily get your hands on the coins. There is also an offer in place that allows you to receive a 50% discount on the trading fees for the period of 30 days. That’s quite an offer to get you started. So, if you are opting to go for IOTA and have access to Binance, then you hit them and you will be able to purchase your desirable sum without much of a hassle.

Coin Falcon

Another great option, especially for the Europeans is Coin Falcon. This particular exchange deals in Euros and their services are top notch. You can buy and sell IOTA through this exchange for Euros or other coins if you are interested. There aren’t any restrictions that would force you to deal through one method only and that makes Coin Falcon an amazing place to trade IOTA.

Eligible Trade Currencies for IOTA

IOTA is becoming widespread so it was only natural for it to be compatible with most currencies. At the point of writing, you can trade IOTA against US Dollars, Japanese Yen, Pounds, Euros, and Korean Won. If you’d like, you can also exchange IOTA for Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and some other minor cryptocurrencies. In the end, the choice is completely in your hands.

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