Guide: This is How You Can Buy Ethereum with PayPal

Did you know that Ethereum can also be bought with PayPal? In this guide, we will be telling you how to buy Ethereum with PayPal.

PayPal is known to be an incredible alternative for those investors who wish to buy Ethereum using it. Users who seek convenience or are not able to make successful bank transfers from their resident country can use PayPal to buy Ethereum.

Some users also use PayPal for buying Ethereum as a way to avoid the expensive bank fees that is applied at the time of conversion of the currency.

Investors who are interested in buying Ethereum can do so at the exchanges that have been listed down below.

The good news is that there are several Ethereum exchanges which accept PayPal deposits/withdrawals. We have mentioned the full list in this post below. Let’s get to know how to buy Ethereum with PayPal.

How to Buy Ethereum With PayPal

Though there are several platforms where one can buy Ethereum with PayPal, we will be looking at the peer-to-peer exchange for this guide.

Using this exchange, users stay anonymous and can collect peer-to-peer using the localethereum marketplace.

The good news is that a free account can be registered in this place and users can trade in any country they like. Those who are not familiar with buying cryptocurrency, they can consider this platform as the eBay of Ethereum.

Here’s the step-by-step guide for buying Ethereum with PayPal:

  1. Choose “PayPal” as the payment method

Visit and soon you will land on its homepage. Here you will select ‘PayPal’ from the ‘Buy ether worldwide’ drop down as your payment method. In this website, users can connect with Ethereum sellers from anywhere in the world. However, if you prefer to deal in your own local currency then you can select a location at the same point.

  1. Look for an Appropriate Seller

Once you have selected PayPal as your payment method, you will come across a list showing information of different sellers. The listing will provide you information regarding the seller’s location, the price at which they are selling Ethereum, how much Ether they are willing to sell (their maximum limit) and the number of trades they have completed so far.

The sellers having the icon of a lightning bolt are likely to respond much quicker, which is quite useful especially if you want to buy Ethereum as early as possible. After you have found an appropriate Ethereum seller, you will click the Buy button.

  1. Set a Price to Buy Ethereum

Once you have found the seller, now it is time for you to set how much Ether you really wish to buy. You can do this by setting the amount of Ether or the amount you are willing to spend in your local currency.

At this point, it is important for you to examine the seller’s terms of trade because these will be able to outline the speed at which you need to perform the trade or any identification you may need to provide to the seller. There are many sellers who do not require an ID.

Once the trade is about to begin, a chat dialogue will be opened between you and the seller. You will be provided with the details of the PayPal address to send across the payment and an escrow will be used to ensure the safe receipt of the Ethereum.

Ethereum can be purchased with PayPal within a matter of a few minutes. In the case of the above-mentioned exchange, the speed at which you access your newly-purchased Ethereum depends heavily on the quick response of the seller. There are other platforms such as eToro (above) that will credit your payment immediately.


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