MANA cryptocurrency

MANA Cryptocurrency: Our Beginners Guide to Decentraland

Decentraland (DCL) is a project offering a virtual reality platform that is completely controlled by the Ethereum blockchain. Within this VR platform, users can create content and applications as well as experience and monetize them. Using its own native MANA cryptocurrency, users can claim parcels of LAND and interact with each other within the same platform.

Explaining Decentraland

Basically, Decentraland is the first ever virtual reality platform that is completely retained by its users. All you really have to do is grasp a VR headset or open your web browser and become entirely immersed in a 3D, interactive world.

With Decentralized, you get plenty of opportunities to explore. This VR platform enables you to create your own piece of the universe. The good thing about using Decentraland platform is that the choice remains completely yours. Within this platform, you can purchase the land through the Ethereum blockchain and possess full ownership rights. It helps you create an immutable record of ownership.

Another benefit of using Decentraland platform is that once you have purchased the piece of land, no one will stop you from building what you desire. In other words, no one can limit what you build on the land. You can build whatever and however you want. You can be creative as much as possible and do your own thing on the land as its completely yours.

Having full ownership and control over your land within this VR platform means that you are free to create your own unique experiences that are not similar to anything in existence. Nothing can limit you; only your imagination is the limit. You can visit a casino, attend a workshop, watch live music or concerts, go out for shopping with your friends, start a new business venture, visit an underwater resort, go out for test driving, and lots more. All of these unique instances will be experienced within a 360-degree, virtual reality world.

Buying LAND with MANA Cryptocurrency

As you already know, Decentraland runs on the Ethereum blockchain, using it to store critical information about land ownership as well as other significant content.

The smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain are responsible for validating the modifications made by the owner of the land. Using the platform’s native ERC token, MANA cryptocurrency, users can buy empty land parcels along with any digital goods and serves that are available within the platform.

As far as the future is concerned, MANA cryptocurrency can be used to buy LAND either directly from the Decentraland platform or other users within the same platform. As the LAND within this VR platform gets more developed in the times to come, a significant increase in the use of MANA cryptocurrency is also expected.

Users can purchase MANA cryptocurrency from Bittrex or Binance. This crypto can be easily stored in an Ethereum cryptocurrency wallet.

Typically, a tile of land in Decentraland platform measures 10m by 10 m or 33ft by 33 ft. There is no limit on how much more you can build upward on a piece of land. The only limitations are put on the ground and base of the buildings.

It is noteworthy to mention here that the land in Decentraland platform is actually scarce by default. The reason behind it is that if there is no scarcity present, most of the land will be left abandoned which would eventually hurt factors like content discoverability and the overall user experience.

Decentraland is specially designed for artists, gamers, students, and online communities who are seeking to have a stupendous 3D experience within a virtual reality world.

Why Pick Decentraland (MANA Cryptocurrency)?

With Decentraland, users get full control over the content of the land they own on the VR platform and also have the full right to keep all the proceeds from the value that they generate for the other users.

This is quite significant as it allows a user to directly benefit from the proceeds they generate from selling their piece of land on the platform or from whatever venture they choose to start on it.

There is no point of a public virtual world if it’s not ruled by open standards or has an involvement of a central organization or a third party. The best thing about Decentraland is that it uses its decentralized blockchain technology as an unchallengeable record of ownership to ensure the users have an incredible 3D virtual reality experience while getting to hold ownership of what they create.


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