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Send Bitcoin Tips on Twitter Via the Lightning Network

Did you know that you can now send Bitcoin tips on Twitter? Doesn’t that sound amazing? Apart from liking someone’s tweet, you can now also send small Bitcoin transactions to them on Twitter.

Sending Bitcoin Tips on Twitter

On previous Saturday, the beta app Tippin has launched a new Chrome Extension which is available to all the Google browser users. Using the lightning network, the app users can send Bitcoin payments or Bitcoin tips over Twitter. This method has made it possible to make Bitcoin transactions and payments feasible at a larger scale for the very first time.

As soon as the extension is enabled, a little lightning bolt symbol/icon flashes inside every tweet quite next to the already familiar “like” and “retweet” buttons that you see usually see.

This idea basically facilitates an old idea that small payments are one of the selling points of Bitcoin. Not many people would know that Bitcoin app ChangeTip was once considered a popular method to send Bitcoin payments over social media. However, the app died out in 2016, ultimately terminating the entire concept.

Sergio Abril, the Tippin engineer said that in his opinion, tipping is going to be incredibly popular with the lightning network. This method enables users to send small amounts almost at no cost and the transactions can be made incredibly fast.

How Does Tippin Work?

All a user needs to have is a Twitter account and they have to install the Tippin app to receive the Bitcoin tips. Tippin anticipates to capitalized on crypto Twitter power users to drive more growth and business towards the app.

Abril went on to say that Tippin was started as a personal side project a few months ago, enabling him to understand the lightning network a bit more and help push adoption. However, with time, it has now started becoming bigger and better.

Abril also has plans for expanding the app in the future by incorporating support on other leading social media platforms. For now, the app is custodial which means users do not have complete control over their funds. Abril has made the app custodial because it remains much easier to use this way.

Having said that, he is also open to including non-custodial options in the app. He further added, “Of course, the lightning network itself is still in beta, so we have time to make this happen until it’s fully ready.”

So, if you’re interested in sending small Bitcoin payments over Twitter then you must start considering Tippin app as soon as possible.


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